Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thursday tea break

You know when you just get the urge to bake? Last night I got in from the post work chai break and saw a lonely little carrot in the fridge that was just calling out to be turned into the muffins that I'd spied on Pinterest earlier in the day. So I obliged, and these scummy apple & carrot pistachio honey topped muffins were born.

See link below for recipe, I halved it and missed out the walnuts. I also freestyles the topping by just mixing honey, chopped pistachios & porridge oats & whacking it on the muffins before baking. Very tasty.


  1. If you can come round to our pad and turn lonely veggies into wonderful muffins that would be smashing..thanks.x

  2. bake these bad boys Suzy; they are fab. You can freeze them too and take them out in the morning for brunch at work.