Sunday, 15 January 2012

Party like it's 2011

Ahhhh, it's been a little while since I visited. What with Christmas and all that jazz I somewhat neglected my little blog. But fear not I have not neglected my tour of the UK with a tea cup.
As I sit typing I have a lovely brewed cup of loose tea beside me but it doesn't quite match my final cuppa of 2011 sipped in the Boston Tea Party, Bath.
Breakfast on 31st Dec 2011 consisted of a cuppa and a toasted bagel spread with jam at this little gem of a tea shop before indulging in some spa therapy at the Bath Thermae Spa. (The rooftop pool is amazing!) Although we were aiming for a quick pre spa brekkie the Tea Party wouldn't allow...(rightly so) Somewhat fretting about getting into the spa at a decent hour my companion went to investigate what was taking so long with our 'tea to go' whilst I was reading the papers nestled up a corner in the seating area (being early or on time at weekends is not really my thing). Turns out they brew your cuppa in tiny individual ceramic pots and set a timer for when they should poor. The gent who served us was so chuffed that he had poured the tea bang on when the timer went off, and then indulged me in a little light chit chat (my favourite quality in a waiter/barrista) whilst pouring. Perfect. After all this attention to my tea I decided I had to do it justice by staying put to enjoy breakfast and read the papers before nipping round the corner to the spa, fortunately my breakfast companion decided it wasn't worth hassling me to get a wriggle on and chilled his boots whilst sharing the bagel and papers.
Anyways, turns out there are tea party's all over the west country so I heartily recommend stopping by for a little party in your cup if you are in Bath or Bristol area.   
More to come soon of my beverage adventures in 2012....