Monday, 27 February 2012

a tea cup of vintage

 This weekend I hopped on the train to London and travelled back in time to the 1920s. After much champagne celebrating the arrival of my brand shiny new baby niece I headed off to the big city and began my preparations for an evening of splendid revelry 20's style.

The preparations for vintage glamour began with an indulgent pamper session at the idyllic retro bliss that is The Powderpuff Girls salon on Columbia Rd
Must do again. Vintage pamper heaven on a Saturday afternoon. Simply Spiffing.

Once I was suitably coiffured and beautified 20's style I caught up with local friends at Jones Dairy on Ezra Street. Apparently famous for appearing in the Hovis advert, this lovely little gem serves tea, cake and other tasty joys at wooden tables in an old style kitchen parlour. A warm welcome and a deliciously rustic piece of carrot cake ensured there was no crying over spilt milk or smudged lippy in the Diary (empty tea cup above as proof of a good time had by all)

 Saturday night 20's style and the tea cups were less tea-total thanks to the potent 'Gatsby' cocktails at the Prohibition night at the Old Vic Tunnels near Waterloo.
I would tell you how and where to find a Gadsby but that information remains strictly prohibited. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

 Sunday morning was spent in less glamorous style at a pavement cafe in Spittalfields sporting shades in the early spring sunshine and indulging in the obligatory latte and scramled eggs, no pics here as the latte was considerably disappointing and the cafe earned a definite 'could do better' on the report card. Next time I'm in the area I shall be heading to the destination that boasts some of the most enticing signage I've seen in a while (above), The Breakfast Club, to see if they live up to the reputation that my cool kid east London friend has been singing of lately. 

This weekend's retro beverage fest can't end without a tipping of the hat to the creator of these little beauty chocolate brownies who accompanied me on my train journey home nestled cosily in their little tart tin and washed down with a drop of earl grey on the wobbly slow train home.
10/10 for taste and effort for these stunners....sadly not available for purchase. All mine!

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