Tuesday, 9 August 2011

a warm wellcome

frothy latte,  apple & cinnamon muffin

On a visit to London with my good mate Mrs T we had just 1 agenda, a visit to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition & as many tea stops as necessary (Mrs T is preggers & I just like a cuppa and a sit down at every opportunity)
First stop (I'm not counting the horrendous cuppa on the train with floaty bits in) in London town was the Peyton & Byrne cafe at The wellcome collection on Euston Rd. Big love for this little oasis of culture and curiosity opposite Euston station and even bigger love for the latte and muffin. I definitely won in the 'who chose best' cake comp....apple and cinnamon over blueberry every time Mrs T. Service was polite and efficient, fellow sippers were a well turned out eclectic mix (I always love it when I receive a compliment from a lone diner and P&B did not disappoint, who says Londoners aren't friendly?)  decor is quirky contemporary chic and the latte rocked. Big whoop all round for P&B. Want to try them all now, next stop- The British Library.
(Oh, only downside is the gallery is closed on a Monday, oops)

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